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Minigolf: fun for the whole family

Minigolf: a fun activity for the whole family


The Minigolf (or miniature golf) is a fun activity that appeals to young and old alike. It offers a unique experience, combining fun and competition, while being accessible to all, whatever their age or sporting ability.


A friendly, intergenerational event


Minigolf is a fun activity that’s perfect for sharing and bonding as a family.


Accessible to all ages and abilities, minigolf blends generations in a warm and friendly spirit. When you hit the ball with enthusiasm, successes and failures are always greeted with a smile (and, admittedly, a little bad faith at times…).


Minigolf offers the perfect playground for strengthening family ties over the course of many rounds. The moments of relaxation between each shot are ideal for chatting and teasing. This game provides an opportunity to bond, laugh and support each other in a fun environment.


Learning to play minigolf


In addition to fun and conviviality, a family game of minigolf also offers learning opportunities for players of all ages.


Each hole represents a unique challenge that requires thought and precision to successfully complete in as few strokes as possible. It’s a real game of strategy, even if it’s all in good fun!


Minigolf players are encouraged to plan their actions, analyze the course environment and adapt their game to the obstacles they encounter. This approach fosters decisiveness, concentration and patience: all useful skills for everyday life.


From a social point of view, minigolf also encourages communication between family members and cultivates team spirit. During a game, players exchange ideas, encourage each other and persevere…


At last, this game can help you manage your emotions… especially in the case of the youngest children, who are determined to succeed at everything, and even to win everything! Keeping a positive attitude, playing fair and not getting discouraged in the face of failure are all lessons that minigolf can teach.


A healthy family activity


Minigolf is an excellent family activity, beneficial to everyone’s physical and mental health.


Away from digital distractions, children and adults can enjoy the present moment to the full. As well as encouraging people to stay active, it’s an outdoor activity that lets families enjoy a unique natural setting.


For example, at the children’s park miniature golf course Signal de Bougy, you’re in the heart of a wooded, flower-filled area, ideal for relaxation (not to mention the view of the immensity of the mountains and Lake Geneva…). Scientific studies have shown that being outdoors helps improve mood, reduce stress and boost the immune system. All good reasons to play minigolf!


A game of minigolf is a welcome break from a sometimes anxiety-provoking daily routine. It’s a chance for everyone to let off steam, enjoy some family fun in a friendly atmosphere and forget about the hassles of everyday life, while getting some moderate exercise. The children, for their part, will take advantage of this moment to expend their boundless energy and develop their motor skills and coordination.


To discover all the benefits of miniature golf for the whole family, visit the Signal de Bougy leisure park, with its 18-hole approved course, open every day and accessible to everyone from the age of 4.



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