Tuesday 5 December 2023




The 10 most frequently asked questions about Signal de Bougy

Planning a visit to Signal de Bougy?

Here are the Top 10 most frequently asked questions, with answers, of course!

1. What can I eat at the restaurant?

Plenty of good things, the list is long: pizza, hamburgers, perch fillets, grilled meats, a buffet of salads, and desserts… But come and see for yourself, there are always plenty of surprises for you!

2. Can I picnic in the park?

Yes, you can set up your picnic blanket on all the park’s lawns and enjoy the exceptional view. However, grilling is not permitted inside the park.

3. Is the park open all year round?

Yes, the park is open all year round, although some activities are open from March to November only.

4. How much is it to enter the park?

The playgrounds, the animal park, and the park access are free of charge. There is a charge for the mini golf, car and boat tours, tree climbing and the Little Train. Yes, there is a parking fee, but please note that the hourly fee is completely invested in feeding and caring for the park’s animals.

5. Is the park baby-friendly?

Whether it is for breast-feeding, changing or playing with your baby, the park has all the equipment and facilities you need. There is a special area for changing your baby in the restaurant’s upstairs bathroom. You will also find a breast-feeding room in the Kid’z Club, as well as a microwave to heat your child’s meal in the restaurant.

6. Are there indoor activities?

Yes, the Kid’z Club in the restaurant has an indoor play area.

7. I have lost my child’s jacket and comfort. Who do I contact?

If you’re lucky, a gardener or another customer may have found your precious goods. Email info@signaldebougy.ch with a description of your lost item.

8. Can I come using public transport?

The park is accessible from Rolle railway station, by postal bus service 10.721.

9. Can I bring my dog to the park?

Yes, dogs are welcome, but must be always kept on a leash.

10. Is there a wheelchair access?

Yes, the park is accessible by wheelchair, with dedicated spots in both parking lots. There is a ramp to the bathroom, and the restaurant is accessible by wheelchair as well.


Winter Break

The Leisure Park closes its doors for the winter.

We look forward to welcoming you again on March 2, 2024 for even more surprises and fun.

Help us prepare this new season: your experience and suggestions are precious to us.

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Zack and the whole Signal de Bougy team thank you for a memorable year and wish you a winter as warm as our shared memories.


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