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The park’s history

On July 2, 1971, the park was inaugurated in the presence of Adèle Duttweiler.
The history of Signal de Bougy began in 1969, when property developers wanted to acquire the Signal de Bougy hotel and its lands to create a clinic. The surrounding municipalities opposed the project to keep the site accessible to the public. So, they had to find a solution that would meet the needs of maintaining and developing the 110-hectare park. They contacted the Migros cooperative Federation, which, with the support of the Migros culture Percentage, founded the “Pré-Vert du Signal de Bougy” foundation on July 9, 1971. On July 3, 1971, the park was opened to the public. The challenge is met: families and walkers could continue to enjoy this preserved area.

The mission
The Foundation’s mission is to welcome children and their families so that they can play in safe play areas and enjoy playful activities. The 110-hectare park maintenance and its sustainable development must enable visitors to come together for recreational, relaxing, and sharing days.

Over the years

The statue of the three donkeys was inaugurated by Édouard Marcel Sandoz. Erected at the heart of the site, it has become the emblem and the mascot of this family-friendly green oasis.

June 15: inauguration of the Adventure Park with its acrobatic tree-climbing courses. June 24: inauguration of the children’s electric carts, motorcycles, and buoy boats.

nauguration of the Pacifier Tree, popular with families, to help children leave their faithful companion behind.

Expansion of the Kid’z Land play area, with the arrival of the Signal’s Little Train, a sand playground, and a second cart track for families to enjoy.

Expansion of the Kid’z Land play area, with the arrival of the Signal’s Little Train, a sand playground, and a second cart track for families to enjoy.

The Animal Park has expanded to make room for the House of Magical Animals. There, you can observe endearing little mammals, strange insects, and bewildering reptiles.

Generation of memories
Over the past fifty years, the park’s activities have multiplied, but the visitors’ attitude has not changed. They are as respectful of the common good, won over by the spirit of the place and this form of friendship that prevails at Signal de Bougy. The days spent in the park are unforgettable. This site is timeless, in the broadest meaning of the word, and almost mythical, and it represents the gathering of several generations who share common emotions and where the feeling of freedom is king.


Winter Break

The Leisure Park closes its doors for the winter.

We look forward to welcoming you again on March 2, 2024 for even more surprises and fun.

Help us prepare this new season: your experience and suggestions are precious to us.

Tell us what you enjoyed or what you’d like to discover in 2024 at Signal de Bougy.

Your voice contributes to the park’s future!

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Zack and the whole Signal de Bougy team thank you for a memorable year and wish you a winter as warm as our shared memories.


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