Sunday 14 July 2024




A day at the mini-golf course at your favourite amusement park

A day at the mini-golf course at your favourite amusement park


It’s 8:00 am and the weather is fine. Let’s head for Rolle to spend a wonderful Sunday in your home. favorite amusement park the Signal de Bougy. Even as children, parents came to stroll the aisles at weekends. So they’re delighted to be taking their children with them today.


Let off steam in the outdoor playgrounds, feast in the self-service restaurant facing Mont Blanc, relax on the grass and enjoy a delicious picnic… There are plenty of possibilities at Signal de Bougy Park, but one thing’s for sure: it’s always a great day out.


and, for the whole family, this vacation Sunday is all about mini-golf!


A beautiful morning at Signal de Bougy mini-golf course


At this time, the Signal de Bougy park is still calm, the atmosphere peaceful and serene. The children are excited: it’s time to go and get the clubs, departure is approaching…


Leinigolfdu parc suisse is a certified 18-hole golf course. with challenges for all ages and levels. The kids get in on the act with gusto, competing with each other in creativity and daring to win the title of family champion!


The obstacles on the mini golf course add a little spice to the experience: each hole is unique and surprising. In this friendly competition, each member of the family can demonstrate their technical skills and ingenuity. Laughter rings out along the way, skills are honed and strategies are devised. Who reaches the final hole by making the least moves?


A morning at the Signal de Bougy miniature golf course is an unforgettable experience. . Younger children learn patience, while adults rediscover their childlike spirit. It’s beautiful It’s a family adventure and a great way to spend a day at the Signal de Bougy park!


All champions are hungry.


From juicy burgers to refreshing salads, there’s something for everyone. As the weather is fine, the terrace attracts all kinds of visitors . Breathtaking views of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva. The (much-deserved) break promises to be most enjoyable!


The (much-deserved) break promises to be most enjoyable! recharge your batteries for the rest of the day at the Signal de Bougy park. What to do after mini-golf at Signal de Bougy? After minigolf, the Signal de Bougy park offers a plethora of options for continued family fun. Many attractions await young and old inKid’z Land


From miniature trains to thrill rides, there’s plenty to keep kids entertained for hours!


Parents, on the other hand, can take advantage of


the unique natural setting of Signal de Bougy.. Then, to soothe your spirits, the park’s paths offer a wonderful opportunity to discover the beauty of Swiss natureBody The majestic trees and carefully tended flowerbeds, not to mention the panoramic views of the surrounding area, make this walk an unforgettable experience. the unique natural setting of Signal de Bougy.


experience apasainte. During your visit, families will also appreciate the temporary and permanent exhibitions, which offer a wealth of information. This long walk awakened the gourmets!. A final break is in order, and what better way than with an ice cream? The


Gelateria proposes a variety of delicious flavors to delight everyone’s taste buds. After enjoying these activities, it will soon be time to return home, with a heart full of unforgettable memories. of the day at Signal de Bougy. It’s an ideal Swiss destination for a

family day out, where the possibilities for fun and discovery are endless.


Jass Tournament – 2 June 2024

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Magic comes to Signal de Bougy, this summer

He’s back at Signal de Bougy with an exclusive show:

Gianfranco the Magician returns for 8 exceptional dates this summer.
With “Summer Illusions”, experience a magical and unforgettable time with your family.
Join us starting Sunday, June 30th, for an hour filled with emotions, mysteries, and wonders.

Tickets are limited: book yours now!


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