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The animal park: a fun and entertaining activity

unique experiences that combine entertainment and education in the heart of a preserved natural environment. More than just a tourist attraction,


it’ its sensory and emotional adventure that amazes young and old alike, while playing a crucial role in raising awareness of wildlife conservation. An accessible family activity A wildlife park is a family activity par excellence. It’s an experience that’s accessible to all family members, whatever their age. For parents, wildlife parks are an exceptional opportunity to share quality time with their children, while they discover the fascinating world of animals.

It’s also an affordable activity if you choose the right location.

The Signal de Bougy animal park is entirely free of charge, as is the Maison des Animaux Magiques. Ideally located between Geneva and Lausanne, close to the A1 freeway, it’s a great place to spend a day with the family. To make the most of the beauty of the park and the surrounding countryside,


Signal de Bougy Park also offers rest and catering areas where families can relax and recharge their batteries.


Discover wildlife while having fun. A family visit to a wildlife park is an opportunity to discover wildlife up close, while having fun. The whole family can enjoy this fun and educational activity. Children and their parents can get up close to wildlife in their natural habitats, without disturbing the species. The Signal de Bougy educational farm is a perfect example. Goats, donkeys, pigs and chickens roam freely in the species reserved for them. Our animal reserve in French-speaking Switzerland is also home to the Maison des vins Magiques.


It brings together unusual and exotic species such as an axolotl , an octodon, a corn snake and a cockatoo .

In all, more than 150 individuals benefit from the privileged environment of Signal de Bougy, under the care of the animal park manager.

Educational workshops to meet the animalsAt dedicated workshops, children aged 6 to 12 can also feed and care for species at the farm and the Maison des Animaux Magiques. This enriching activity allows them to learn more about the animals that inhabit the Signal de Bougy park.


Each workshop takes place over a morning at weekends or during school vacations (several dates are available on the online ticketing service). Getting children interested in wildlife conservation Wildlife conservation education is an essential mission for wildlife parks.


One of the cornerstones of this mission is to awaken children’s interest in the animal world and make . them aware of the importance of conservation from an early age. Animal parks are privileged places where children are in direct contact with both flora and fauna. Getting up close and personal with species often inspires a sense of wonder

the first step on the road to a passion for wildlife! Encountering a fallow deer,


a Tibetan goat or a corn snake often leaves a positive, indelible impression on a child’s mind. Animal reserves also have a role to play in explaining to children the importance of preserving wildlife for the future of our planet.Finally, many children, after visiting a zoo, develop an interest in wildlife-related careers. Animal parks are often a source of inspiration for those who aspire to work for the preservation of the animal world.Visit a wildlife park in French-speaking Switzerland In the Côte region of French-speaking Switzerland, Parc du Signal de Bougy invites you to discover over 23 different species spread over 17,000 square meters.

Our wildlife park is located between Geneva and Lausanne, just 10 minutes from the A1 freeway.

Easy to get to, the animal park is open free of charge from Monday to Sunday. It’s an ideal outing for locals and visitors to French-speaking Switzerland.Whether you’re a nature lover or looking for an educational activity for your children,


Les parcs animaliers sont des lieux privilégiés où les enfants sont en contact direct avec la fauneThey highlight, for example, the challenges faced by many species due to habitat loss, poaching and climate change. Children learn that their generation has a role to play in protecting these animals and their environment.


In addition to the animal park, Signal de Bougy features attractions, restaurants and superb green spaces for picnics and strolls. There’s plenty to do with the whole family! To plan your visit to the


Signal of Bougy wildlife park,

find out

more about the park’s


opening times and schedule a


wonderful day out with all of

your children .


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