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Mini Glitch: A Playful Course to Introduce Toddlers to the Superpowers of Their Bodies

By Ben Campagna

As a coach and consultant expert in mental and holistic health, I am delighted to present “Mini Glitch,” a playful and educational course designed for toddlers and their parents/guardians at Signal de Bougy. My ambition is to initiate children into the wonders of their bodies from a young age, offering them a unique and enriching experience with their families.


The Mission of Mini Glitch

The mission behind this project is to promote health and movement for young children and their parents, all through an inspiring, enjoyable, and free experience. I am passionately driven to impart resources to young ones that will empower them to become healthy, happy, and fulfilled adults.

Signal de Bougy, with its alignment to these values, provides the ideal setting to promote these teachings. The birth of this project occurred naturally, and I am honored to contribute to this unique park, where I have many childhood memories.


A Playful and Educational Experience

Within the “Mini Glitch” course, you will find a dozen small stations – playful exercise stations aimed at developing children’s motor skills, astonishing and instructive “fun facts” about the human body, and little challenges to put this knowledge into practice while having fun. The whole journey is guided through vibrant illustrations, featuring a special character created just for this occasion: “Vitality Kid,” the little superhero with whom children can identify and who invites them to explore their hidden powers.


The Purpose of Mini Glitch

My primary objective through these interventions is to instill a bit of magic about the human body in the hearts of children, and by extension, their parents. I want to offer them some valuable resources that are not always taught in school, yet are essential, such as understanding how our posture impacts our emotions or the power of breathing to manage stress, among other things.

I aim to inspire children to dream about the marvel of biology within their bodies and the miracle of their health.

And simply, without over-intellectualization, to allow them to have fun and create joyful memories with their families.



For parents who wish to engage in physical activities with their little ones, we offer sessions led by competent and caring coaches for “FitFam” family sports, regardless of the participants’ fitness level.

Link to the reservation of FitFam :


We are happy to invite you to Signal de Bougy to join the movement!


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